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Psychsoft carries the complete line of NEC Periphals products at academic pricing for schools.  Fill in the form below to tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you.


  Part Number Description
1800 SuperScript 1800
1800N SuperScript 1800N
4200 SuperScript 4200
4200N SuperScript 4200N
4400 SuperScript 4400
4400N SuperScript 4400N
4600N SuperScript 4600N
870 SuperScript 870
870-F SuperScript 870 Bilingual French Canadian
1260W 3-yr Cross-ship Warranty 1260/1260N
1800WE-3 3-yr Cross-ship Warranty 1800/1800N
1800WO-3 3-yr on-site warranty for 1800/1800N
4400-120K 120K Preventative Maint. 4400/4400N
4400-60K 60K Preventative Maint. 4400/4400N
4400W-1 1 yr warranty extension, 4400/4400N
4400W-2 2 yr warranty extension, 4400/4400N
4400W-3 3 yr warranty extension, 4400/4400N
870W 3 -yr Cross-ship Warranty 870
1801 500 sheet Cassette for the 1800/1800N
1802 PostScript 2 Upgrade, 1800
1803 IrDA/Serial Interface Kit, 1800/1800N
1804 Apple LocalTalk/Serial Interface Kit, 1800/1800N
1805 Network Interface Kit, 1800
1261 Lower Feeder, 500 Sheet Cassette, 1260/1260N
1262 Envelope Cassette,1260/1260N
1263 Rear Output Tray, 1260/1260N
1264 500 Sheet Cassette 1260/1260N
1265 250 Sheet Cassette, 1260/1260N
1266 Network Interface Card, 1260
1701 Unit,Duplex,,17XX Printer
1702 Tray,Offset,17XX Printer
1706 Envelope Feeder,17XX Printer
4004 Legal Cassette, 4400/4400N
4005 Lower Feeder Unit, 4400/4400N
4010 Network Interface Card, 4400/4400N
4213 Single Bin Sht Feeder P3200
4619 Pull Tractor P6200
4850 260/290 option, Letter Case
8601 LanCruiser plus for the SuperScript 860
8701 500 Sheet 2nd Cassette, 870
8702 Network Interface Kit, 870
8703 PostScript 3 Software Printing Option,870/1260/1260N
9515 Novell Ethernet LANCruiser
9707 Cassette (2nd Bin) for 97
90-900 128K RAM
SC3000MK User installable SC3000 to SC3000M Conversion Kit
AS50 AccuSync 50 Monitor
AS50M AccuSync 50M Monitor
AS70 AccuSync 70 Monitor
AS70M AccuSync 70M Monitor
AS90 AccuSync 90 Monitor
AS90M AccuSync 90M Monitor
MultiSync CRT Monitors    
JC-1581VMW MultiSync A500+ 15" Monitor
JC-1739VMW MultiSync A700+ 17" Monitor
JC-1747UMW MultiSync E750, 17" Monitor
JC-1945UMW MultiSync E950 19" Monitor
JC-1946UMW MultiSync FP950 Naturally Flat 19" Monitor
JC-2147UMA MultiSync E1100+ 21" Monitor
JC-2148UMW MultiSync P1250+ 21" Monitor
FP1350-1 MultiSync FP1350 Naturally Flat 22" Monitor
FE700 MultiSync FE700
FE700M MultiSync FE700M
Intellibase Series(Optional MultiSync CRT Monitor Bases)    
IB-USB IntelliBase USB Hub
IB-AUDIO IntelliBase Audio
IB-USBAUDIO IntelliBase USB & Audio
MultiSync LCD Monitors    
LCD1525V MultiSync LCD1525V, 15" LCD Monitor-Value Series
LA-1524HMW MultiSync LCD1500M, 15" LCD Monitor, Multimedia w/USB
LCD1525M MultiSync LCD1525M, 15" LCD Monitor,Multimedia w/USB, Black cabinet
LCD1510+ MultiSync LCD1510+, 15" LCD Monitor, XtraView
LCD1525S MultiSync LCD1525S, 15" LCD Monitor w/USB 1280x1024 Super Hi-Res
LCD1525X MultiSync LCD1525X, 15" LCD Monitor with Ambix Digital and Analog Technology
LA-1831JMW MultiSync LCD1810, 18" LCD Monitor, XtraView
LA-1831JMW-BK MultiSync LCD1810, 18" LCD Monitor, XtraView, Black cabinet
LA-2032JMW MultiSync LCD2010, 20" LCD Monitor, XtraView
LCD2010-BK MultiSync LCD2010, 20" LCD Monitor, XtraView, Black cabinet
LA-2032JMW-P MultiSync LCD2010,20" LCD Monitor,XtraView, w/ Protective glass
MultiSync LCD Touch Panel Monitors    
LCD15T MultiSync LCD15T w/Resistive Touch Screen
LA-1521JMW-T MultiSync LCD1510, w / Capative Touch Screen
LA-2032JMW-T MultiSync LCD2010, 20" LCD Monitor, XtraView, w/Capacitive Touch Screen
LT81 MultiSync LT81 DLP Projector
LT84 MultiSync LT84 DLP Projector
LT100 MultiSync LT100 DLP Projector
LT140 MultiSync LT140 DLP Projector
LCDMT820 MultiSync MT820 LCD Projector
LCDMT830+ MultiSync MT830+ LCD projector
LCDMT840 MultiSync MT840 LCD Projector
LCDMT1030+ MultiSync MT1030+ LCD Projector
LCDMT1035+ MultiSync MT1035+ LCD Projector
LCDMT1040 MultiSync MT1040 LCD Projector
LCDMT1045 MultiSync MT1045 LCD Projector
XM2960 MultiSync XM29 Plus Multimedia Monitor
XM2961 MultiSync XM29Xtra Multimedia Monitor
XP2991 MultiSync XP29 Xtra Multimedia Monitor
XV2930 MultiSync XV29 Multimedia Monitor
XV2931 MultiSync XV29 A+ Multimedia Monitor
XV2940 MultiSync XV29+ Multimedia Monitor
XM3761 MultiSync XM37 Xtra Multimedia Monitor
XP3791 MultiSync XP37Xtra Multimedia Monitor
Plasma Monitors    
PX-33M3A PlazmaSync 3300 Plasma Monitor
PX-50M5A PlasmaSync 5000W Plasma Monitor
PX-42M5A PlasmaSync 4210W Plasma Monitor
PX-42M4A PlasmaSync 4205W Plasma Monitor
LCDMT MultiMedia Projector - Accessories    
Projector Cases    
AIRCASE1035 Aircase with Wheelsfor MT830/1030/1035&+Series
AIRCASE600/800 AirCase 600/800 Shipping Case
AIRCASE810/1000 Shipping Air Case
AIRCASELT100 Shipping AirCase with Wheels for LT80, LT81 and LT100
LTAIRCASE Heavy Duty Shipping & Storage Case for LT84/LT140
TOWNCASE+1035 TownCase Plus Carrying Case for MT830/1030/1035&+Series
TOWNCASE+810/1000 Carrying Case, plus pocket for computer
TOWNCASE+LT100 Carrying Case for Local Transport of LT80,LT81 and LT100
TOWNCASE+LT80 Carrying Case, plus pocket for computer for LT80 & LT81
TOWNCASE1035 TownCase Carrying Case for MT830/1030/1035,&+Series
TOWNCASE810/1000 Carrying Case for Local Transportation
TOWNCASELT100 Carrying Case for Local Transportation
TOWNCASELT80 Carrying Case for Local Transportation for LT80&LT81
LTEXECUTIVE Carrying case for LT84/LT140-Pocket for Computer
MTTC Local Storage case w/wheels forMT840/MT830+/,T30 Series, MT600/800/810/820/1000/1020
Projector Mounts    
LT100CMKIT Dlx Ceiling Mount for LT100
MTACM Adjustable Ceiling Mount
LTCM80 Ceiling Mount LT80 and LT81
MT1035CM Qk Release Ceiling Mount MT830/1030/1035&GT2000&+Series
MT1035CMKIT DlxCeilingMountMT830/1030/1035&GT2000&+Series
MTCM600/800 Ceiling Mount Kit
MTCM810/1000 Multiple Access Ceiling Mount
MTCM Ceiling Mount Kit MT840 Series
Projector Remotes    
LTREMOTE100 Replacement Remote for LT100
LTREMOTE80 Replacement Remote for LT80
LTREMOTE81 Replacement Remote for LT81
LT40RT Optional remote forLT84/LT140 w/MousePad & Laser Pointer
LT40CARD Replacement Remote for LT84/LT140
MTREMOTE1035 Replacement Remote for MT1035,MT1030,MT830&+Series
MTREMOTE600/800 Replacement Remote for LCDMT600/800
MTREMOTE810/1000 Replacement Remote for LCDMT810/1000
MTRMT Replacement Remote for MT840 Series
Projector Lamps    
LT80LAMP Replacement Lamp for LT80
LT81/100Lamp Replacement Lamp for theLT81 andLT100
MT1035LAMP Replacement Lamp for MT1035/1035+
MT830/1030LAMP Replacement Lamp for MT830/830+/MT1030/1030+,GT2000
LT40LP Replacement Lamp for LT84/LT140
MT40LP Replacement Lamp for MT840/1040/1045
MTLAMP600/800 Replacement Lamp/Filter
MTLAMP810/1000 Replacement Lamp/Filter
MTLAMP820/1020 Replacement Lamp /Filter
Projector Lenses    
37LENS Optional lens-wideMT600/800
MT830/1030SFLENS 1.39:1Short throw lens MT830/830+/1030/1030+&GT2000
Projector Viewer Kits    
VK-LT PC Card Viewer for LT100
VK-LT81 PC Card Viewer for LT81 and 4MB Card
VK-MT PC Card Viewer for MT1035,MT1030,MT830&+Series
Projector Miscellaneous Accessories    
MTCART Collapsible Carrying Cart
MTMULTICABLE IntrfceCble LCD Projectors MT600/800/810/1000/820/1020
MS60 Portable Display Screen
Component-V-Cable Component V-Cable for LT81/LT100and LT84/ LT140
IRREC Infrared Receiver

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